What Is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a treatment specifically designed to treat soft tissue injuries. This massage is generally done by a massage therapist and it is a popular technique for applying various kinds of pressure to the body. Although pressure is generally applied through the hands, it can also be utilized from other body parts such as elbows, forearms, knees, and even legs. A massage tool can also be used by the sports massage therapist in the same way to provide the pressure needed effectively. The main purpose of sports massage is to provide calmness and well-being to the patient.

Sports massage is a type of massage specifically designed to treat musculoskeletal injuries and pain. This procedure is known as manual therapy because it is done by applying pressure manually to squeeze the injured muscle. In certain cases, sports massage requires joint manipulation and mobilization. In addition to treatment, this type of massage helps prevent injury, strengthen muscle performance and improves athletic performance.

Sports massage are grouped according to the time of implementation. If it’s done an hour before a match or physical activity, a pre-match sports massage is usually followed by an inter-match massage for athletes who need a break during the match. Whereas post-match sports massages are done while the athlete is in a cooling period, and restorative sports massages are done during calm periods.

Athletes from various sports can benefit from sports massage. Running athletes suffering from knee injuries can try to strengthen their tendons and muscles in the injured area by receiving a sports massage treatment. This type of massage also helps to improve the athlete’s movements that have the potential to cause injury or limiting the athlete’s movement.

Sports massage does not only apply to people who are active in sports activities. Even injured athletes can try this massage to get their ideal body shape and restore their optimal performance. This is one reason why sports massage is an important aspect in various physical rehabilitation programs.

People who are not athletes can use certain types of sports massage. In some cases, chronic pain can be relieved and treated with manual therapy techniques. The same principle applies to patients who suffer from a limited range of motion.

However, not all people who suffer injuries and pain can be referred to this procedure. Contraindications to sports massage are open sores, blood clots, broken muscles or tendons, burns, and broken bones. Experienced masseurs usually know when sports massage is needed and when it’s not.

In most cases, patients who undergo sports massage immediately feel the pain subside and the increase in mobility after several massage sessions. Getting a sports massage after a sports competition helps reduce pain in the muscles. Patients with sports injuries experience a faster recovery period when their rehabilitation program is accompanied by a sports massage session. Patients may express psychological benefits after a sports massage, such as feeling calm and refreshed.

Common complaints after sports massage are pain and sensitivity to pain increases in the procedure area. This condition can be relieved immediately by taking a bath with warm water and taking some medicines to relieve the patient’s pain.

There are also rare conditions where blood clots enter the bloodstream, especially if the massage involves deep tissue. This condition can lead to stroke, embolism, and heart attack. However, this risk is small if you are being treated by a certified masseur.a