Sports Massage Is Important For Athletes

Perhaps there are some people who still don’t know what sports massage is, and even some people might hear this term for the first time in this article. It’s actually not new. In many countries, especially developed countries, it is common for athletes to use sports massage services to help improve their performance. However, in some developing countries, it seems there are still many athletes who have not utilized the services of a sports massage therapist.

Sports massage is one method of physiotherapy that has been done thousands of years ago, by stimulating blood circulation and lymph nodes. There are many athletes, both men, and women do this massage therapy to reduce nervous tension and relax the mind before facing an important sporting event.

Here are some benefits of this type of massage that you need to know:

a. nervous system.

The effect of massage on the nerves is able to provide stimulation and increase the activity of muscles, blood vessels, and glands that are regulated by these muscles.

b. Muscular system.

It is able to relax and stretch muscles and soft tissues in the body, thereby reducing muscle tension and cramps.

c. Skeletal system.

Indirectly, massage makes the skeletal system stronger. Improved blood circulation and lymph glands will result in better circulation, including blood circulation in the bones. There are many other benefits to some other organs such as the respiratory system, lymph nodes, digestion, reproduction, and others, which will be very long if they are described one by one. In short, it’s beneficial for the entirety of the person’s body.

Here are some types of sports massage:

Pre-even Sport

It’s a massage session before competing. The benefit of a massage before a match is to refresh muscles, not relaxation. Muscle needs to be calmed, warmed up and prepared to work before competing. It takes about 15-45 five minutes before competing. This is useful for increasing stamina, performance and minimizing muscle tension before a match. The massage is strong and stimulating.

Post-even Sport

It’s a massage session after competing. The benefit of post-match massage is to recover muscles from fatigue. It removes lactic acid ‘waste’ and other deposits from the tissue. It speeds up the recovery time from three to four days to just one day. The massage is done slowly and strongly to strengthen the effects of cleaning up wastes in the body. It takes around one to two hours.

Rehabilitative Sport Massage

This is a massage for rehabilitation. It’s usually given to athletes who suffer injuries, to ease pain and restore body fitness. Considering the many benefits of sports massage, it is appropriate for an exercise program to make use of a massage therapist to participate together with other experts in order to improve athlete performance.