pfSense software, with the help of the package system, is able to provide the same functionality or more of common commercial firewalls, without any of the artificial limitations. That probably won't work though. The pfSense project is a free network firewall distribution, based on the FreeBSD operating system with a custom kernel and including third party free software packages for additional functionality. From the pfsense console you can login and get to the shell prompt. I've installed pfSense, but not sure how do I access the web configurator? pfSense 2.3 also adds new options to control the look and feel of the web interface; these settings are also found in the Web Configurator section of the General Settings page. Once you do that you should see the ip addresses from the internet on the wan interface of your pfSense box (you may need to apply the settings which should restart the interface to pick these up). Click on Authorities and Import the pfSense Certificate from your Downloads folder.
Once I have setup the VPN, this becomes a non-issue, but …

Overview. Now click Firewall -> Rules and click the on that screen. Step 5 – Enable SSL for pfSense 2.4.

Check both Checkmarks. You should also be able to issue the following command to see if the web server is running. Looking to setup a virtual network of pfsense ---> windows server. From there be sure to ping external devices to see if they are reachable.
Continue with Step 5 for the last thing we need to do to enable SSL for pfSense 2.4.

If you only have one interface the pfsense installer should disable the firewall on the only interface installed.

The Top Navigation drop-down box allows you to choose whether the top navigation scrolls with the page, or remains anchored at the top as you scroll. Would like to be able to setup VPN on pfSense and provide no public IP to windows. First, have you tried putting the WAN address in your browser? In your situation you will want to set the WAN interface to DHCP so you can pick up the settings from your modem (ISP). I think I dealt with this problem once by making an ssh tunnel to the open ssh port on the WAN address (ssh -D 8000 root@pfsense-wan-ip), then set up the browser (make localhost:8000 your browsers socks proxy) to use the tunnel to load the web configuratator. Add a rule like the following, replacing the made up IP with the public IP of the remote system you wish to use to administer your m0n0wall, and with the public IP of your m0n0wall. Log back into your pfSense Firewall and Navigate to System / Advanced / Admin Access.

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