Reiju treats Sanji's wounds, and Judge has explosive cuffs placed on his son, forcing him to go through with the wedding with his cooking ability on the line. The Whole Cake Island Arc may be long over, but that doesn't mean fans should forget about the spotlight that it gave the Straw Hats' beloved cook. Sanji is one of the original … by Sean Cubillas; May 18, 2020; Share Tweet Email.

The Best Sanji Quotes from One Piece . To honor the perverted pirate from One Piece, we're going to rank the best Sanji quotes of all time, and you're going to help us by voting up your favorites. These are his best moments, and ones he would want you to forget. Sanji and Judge continue fighting, and Sanji is overwhelmed by Judge's high-tech weapons. Ranker Anime. Updated April 17, 2018 2k votes 494 voters 16.2k views 17 items . Judge then sacrifices one of his soldiers to get the jump on Sanji, defeating him. He's got some of the most lethal legs in all of anime, but what is your favorite quote from Vinsmoke Sanji? Vinsmoke Sanji; Smoker (One Piece) Trans Male Character; Anniversary; Shopping; Presents; Polyamory; Dinner; date; Implied Transition; anniversary date; Usopp has the worst luck; Zoro is really shy; Kisses; Fluff; Summary. 0.

One Piece's Sanji is one of the original members of the Straw Hat Pirates. These days, Sanji is living a high life in One Piece.The character was a major focus of the ‘Whole Cake Island’ arc, but he’s still got a spotlight on him even though that story just ended. Comment Share.

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